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Our New York Designer

Born and raised in Poland, Europe. Klaudia is a New York based self-taught artist. Klaudia lives and breathes design. Being in the Heart of the fashion capital of the world. She has access to the latest styles and trends. Always on the lookout on what’s new, what’s fun, what’s colorful. Her passion that drives her above and beyond to create and constantly trying new ways to discover new techniques on how to improve. Her inspiration draws from being influenced by everything that goes on in life on a daily basis. Always challenging and experimenting with new levels of perspective and creativity to further expand her art to new levels.

Klaudia also works not only with digital design. Her passion started early when she began drawing as a child. Teaching herself new ways to improve and from there moving onto watercolor, ink, oil, acrylic, pen and pencil art. Even though her favorite medium being watercolor, by incorporating other mediums as well, it allows her to be a lot more flexible for any challenge or project that arise.